Hi there - thanks for taking the time to check out my commercial work!  Just as an FYI:  Virtually every piece of work on this site has been conceptualized, written, directed, and even edited by me - working on shoestring budgets ($10K - $30K) with absolutely NO production lasting for more than a single day (quite often shooting two in one day).  Nevertheless, some of these works have gone on to win awards like Grand Prix, Best Independent Agency, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Shortlist at festivals like Ad Black Sea, Kiev International and European Champions League of Creativity.  Many of these campaigns proved wildly popular among the public (inspiring new trends and parodies), while others caused a great deal of controversy and have even been banned from TV!

Alright so, here’s my bio in a nutshell.  I was born in a small East European country called Georgia.  My family and I immigrated to the States in the early 90’s as a direct consequence of ending up on the losing side of an atrocious civil war following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the US government granted us political asylum.  And I’ve lived in the States ever since — finishing High School in Texas, getting a double BA in Economics and Film Studies from Emory University in Atlanta, and earning my MFA in Directing from Chapman Film School in OC, California.

Graduating with my master thesis short film Beholden, I travelled around the country participating in numerous film festivals and even ended up winning a few "Grand Jury" and “Best of” awards (13 to be exact) - which got me the attention of some top agents and producers in Hollywood.  But unfortunately, due to the lack of a commercially viable feature-length script, I ultimately had no luck making my way onto the set of a movie as a Director (despite a couple of close calls!)  And so I turned to a different craft: commercials.  I wrote and directed a self-funded spec-ad and it ended up going viral with more than 2 million views on YouTube!  And I enjoyed the experience so much - I desperately yearned for more.  

And so, to hone up my skills, I decided to return to the country of my birth (a totally reformed place since I had left it) - where I’ve been shooting ad campaigns over the past couple of years.  And in that time, besides getting a ton of invaluable experience as an artist, I can confidently say I have become an expert at getting the absolute most out of the absolute least, while working under the shortest deadlines and the toughest, barest conditions.  

Festival Recognitions:

Ad Black Sea:
                         Grand Prix - Swiss Capital, Best of Content - Swiss Capital,
                         Gold - Swiss Capital
                         Silver - Iveriabet
                         Best Independent Agency

Kiev Int'l Ad Festival (KIAF):
                         Silver - Swiss Capital
                         Silver - Saga
                         Bronze - Iveriabet

European Creativity Festival (ADCE):  
                         Shortlist - Swiss Capital

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